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Products > Pet Grooming Tools > Deluxe Double Sided Pet Shedding Comb(PGT 7115)
Deluxe Double Sided Pet Shedding Comb(PGT 7115)
Product Name:Deluxe Double Sided Pet Shedding Comb(PGT 7115)  Model:PGT 7115   More:
Product name: Deluxe Double Sided Pet Shedding Comb  
Model No.: PGT 7115
This comb will help to make grooming easier for  a double coat or sheds excessively. With two lengths of rounded, stainless steel teeth, it does two jobs at once! The wide spacing of the long teeth reaches through and combs out the dense undercoat while the shorter teeth separate the longer outer coat. Helps to keep the tangle-prone undercoat free of mats and snarls. Use as the first step in the grooming process or before bathing to get rid of mats that will worsen when they get wet. 
1) Wooden Comfort Handle                                              
2) Great for a double coat or sheds        
Size: 17.5*5.1cm
Material: Wood + stainless steel
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